Business minded
technology loving
problem solvers

Too often problems are left alone, because it is too hard to describe to people outside your competency area. This is very often then case when we are in IT...

We come from the Business side

We have all been working on your side of the table. Either in a management position or working closely together with management with a focus on reporting.

Our backgrounds allows us to go into a true discussion on what the problem is and what good solutions could look like. We also dread the long-winded specification, or the classical solution that follows the written requirements, but are completely unusable.

The result we see many places are people - often core personnel - stiching data together, manually spending time double-checking and way too often, simply not getting the value out of the data

We find a deep and intrinsic joy in making technology help our fellow man. We love technology, but with the explicit focus on removing tedious tasks and make us people able to focus on value creation with the most important resource we have - our time!

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