IoT distributors

SigFox is a leading provider of 0G IoT networks on a global scale. They provide incredible levels of service to distributors and customers. This includes accessability to a very rich API that contains a multitude of functionalities.

The challenge is that this leaves you with a potentially challenging set of tools, reports and other workflows that needs to be implemented. For many this can become a task that takes time away from your end-customers. Quality control and double-checks are just another way to compensate from human errors.

Proficio has created a small and growing toolset that helps you automate tasks, interacting with the SigFox APIs on your behalf. The output being human readable Excel spreadsheets, prepared for your workflows in Finance and/or Controlling functions.

If you are an IoT Distributor with interest in our services, please contact us via the information in the footer or on our contact formula

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